Press Release
Tokyo, Japan, March 21, 2012
Lee Ji Hee wins her first title of the season!
300th win by TOURSTAGE Golf Balls!!
T-Point Ladies Golf Tournament, Kagoshima Takamaki Country Club, Kagoshima Prefecture
Lee Ji Hee, Bridgestone's TOURSTAGE Staff, won her first title of the year at T-Point Ladies Golf Tournament, held from March 16 to March 18. Lee Ji Hee started the final round 2 shots behind leader. Lee extended her score to total 7 under par to claim a come from behind win. This was her 16th win of her career.
Also, by this win, TORUSTAGE golf balls has achieved 300th win since its introduction. TOURSTAGE golf balls were No. 1 winning golf balls last year at Mens and Ladies golf tournament combined. TOURSTAGE Golf Balls has already have won two out of three JLPGA tournament this year.

The followings are in the bag of Lee Ji Hee:
Glove:TOURSTAGE GLTX12 Proto Type