Press Release
Tokyo, Japan, January 24, 2012
Victory for Bridgestone Sports in Patent Litigation against
Acushnet Japan Inc.
Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd. (Chairman, CEO & President: Sugio Fukuoka) filed suit in the Tokyo District Court on December 19, 2005 against Acushnet Japan Inc., a subsidiary of the US entity Acushnet Company, on the grounds that Acushnet Japan's importation into and sale in Japan of the Titleist brand products Pro V1, Pro V1x, DT SoLo, NXT and NXT Tour(predominantly 2003 and 2005 models) infringed Bridgestone Sports' Japan Patent No. 2669051 (Title of invention: Solid Golf Ball) and the court ruled that Acushnet Japan infringed Bridgestone Sports' patent ordering Acushnet Japan to pay compensation damages on February 26, 2010. The Intellectual Property High Court, on January 24, again rendered a judgment ordering Acushnet Japan to pay compensatory damages.

Comments from Bridgestone Sports' Chairman, CEO & President, Sugio Fukuoka:
"I am delighted at the Intellectual Property High Court's decision which upheld the Tokyo District Court 's decision and ordered Acushnet Japan to pay compensation damages. This victory is indicative of our company's technological strength and the high value of our intellectual property rights.
Bridgestone Sports devotes a great deal of time and effort to R&D related to golf balls and their manufacturing technology. As a golf product innovator, Bridgestone Sports will comply with laws and regulations and will respect other company's intellectual property rights and will continue proactively to secure and utilize our intellectual property rights."