Press Release
Tokyo, Japan, December, 2009
- Pursuing shot consistency and distance
with its easy-to-set-up profile and new construction -
Release of the “TOURSTAGE X-DRIVE 703” DRIVER
Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd. starts to ship in December 2009 the TOURSTAGE X-DRIVE 703 driver, a 460-cm3 sharp-looking round-profile driver with an expanded repulsion area and head characteristics tweaked to offer a solid response.

【Major product features】

1. The repulsion area has been expanded for off-center hits by adopting a forged cup face with a new variable thickness design and 7-piece construction (wide repulsion area, expanded by about 10.6% from the X-Drive 701, according to our data).

2. With the position of CG projected onto the face set lowest among the X-DRIVE series drivers, it offers ease of launching the ball high and a strong trajectory not yielding to winds. Further, the angle and distance of CG are designed to provide good maneuverability and fast club head rotation (according to our data).

3. The head has a sharp-looking round profile measuring 460 cm3. It inspires confidence in the player at set up, due to its round heel prompting fast club head rotation for sold contact and its flat crown design makes it look easier to launch the ball onto the target line.

4. Two types of shaft are lined up to offer a choice suiting the player’s swing type.

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