Press Release
Tokyo, Japan, December, 2009
- “Mankind can hit fartherE-
2010 Model “TOURSTAGE V-iQESeries Debut!
Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd. starts to ship in November 2009 the “TOURSTAGE V-iQ series (2010 model),Egolf clubs pursuing unlimited “distance performanceEand “forgiveness.EUnder the key phase “Mankind can hit farther,Eour challenge is to offer unprecedented distance performance giving hope and courage to as many golfers as possible. Armored with ever-advancing technology and “Emotional Engineering DesignEto extract the player’s potential distance, The TOURSTAGE V-iQ is exploring a new stage in golf clubs.
- Four new technologies will take you to another stage of distance performance -
【Product features】
Four new technologies constituting the “Impact Management SystemEbr /> 1. “Emotional Engineering DesignE- Technology to lessen pressure and increase the chance of making good shots -

Golf is one of the sports in which the player’s emotion influences his/her performance significantly. Therefore, we have adopted an “Emotional Engineering DesignEfor the head, shaft, and grip to make the club “easier to hit with the sweet area and produce a straight flight from square impactEby “mitigating pressure for increased ease of hittingEand “leading to square impact by helping maintain a consistent swing rhythm.Ebr />
(1) Target-eye to achieve a solid contact
A golf club does not have a hitting point situated in line with its shaft axis. For this reason, keeping the “target-eyeE(CG) provided on the head in mind when hitting the ball with an image of letting it strike the ball is useful for steadying the swing path, closing the face to obtain solid contact, and hitting the ball farther with ease.

(2) Masking & face design to give confidence to the player at set-up
Makes the player relax at set up with the adoption of a design making the face appear larger to inspire confidence and helps the player set up to the ball easily.

(3) “Zoom-up shaft design” to disguise the real club length through optical illusion
Although the shaft is elongated by 0.5” from the ’08V-iQ to 45.75”, it is made to appear shorter than it actually is by optical illusion, which is the effect of advancing color and receding color, thus allowing the player to swing it confidently.

(4) Grip design permitting easy checking of the gripping position and club orientation

2. Triple Turbo Rubber structure - Technology to suppress unwanted vibrations and realize a crisp flight and impact feel -
Thanks to the “Triple Turbo Rubber structure” employing “Super Turbo Rubber” to control unwanted vibrations generated at impact in the key areas of the head, shaft, and grip, it offers great distance performance with a pleasing, crisp impact sound and feel.

3. High-speed Swing Engine Design - Technology to achieve good distance performance from improved head speed, while maintaining ease of swing -
Although club is fitted with an elongated 45.75” shaft for increased distance, the VT-50w shaft designed specifically for elongated drivers is adopted. With a design to achieve stiffness distribution offering ease of swing, it enables further head speed improvement.

4. Intelligent Turbo Face Design - Technology to achieve great distance even on off-center hits with an expanded repulsion area -
A thinner face and about 4 g in weight reduction from the ’08V-iQ are achieved through the adoption of a new variable-thickness face and high-strength plate forging process. With these, it has acquired an expanded repulsion area as well as an optimum CG design to produce an ideal ball flight with a high trajectory and low spin.

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