Press Release
Tokyo, Japan, February 12, 2009
~Lightweight models offering further improvement in
player-friendliness suitable for novice lady golfers~
Golf club “PARADISO CLEseries debuts
Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd. releases the “PARADISO CL*Eseries of golf clubs, easy-to-use, lightweight models further improved in player-friendliness for novice lady golfers who are in the market for a set of golf clubs as they are planning to start golfing or make their debut on the course shortly.
*CL=Concept Lady(dedicated design for ladies)

What is “Concept LadyE
CL = “Concept LadyE(dedicated design for ladies) is the name of the series Bridgestone Sports launched in 2003. Unlike the conventional ladies clubs that adopt club head designs based on men’s models, it offers features designed exclusively for ladies from head type to face thickness, weight and CG position.

In developing the CL series, we took advantage of lady golfersEswing data collected from over 10,000 lady golfers participating in Lady Golfer’s Doc Demo Day. We pursued player-friendly features that allow lady golfers to hit the ball far easily and comfortably with little power. We also listened to the comments from many lady golfers and introduced novelty to depart from the conventional image of ladies golf clubs, incorporating new ideas in design and coloring as well. This series is leading the recent lady golf boom, while having significant impacts on the market.

【Major features】
  • Lightweight models pursuing player-friendliness for novice lady golfers.
  • Brisk contrast design combining light rose, pearl white and metallic silver.
  • Reasonable pricing as beginners models.

【Background of PARADISO CL development】

In a survey of 450 lady golfers (400 with real course experience, 50 without real course experience) conducted by Bridgestone Sports in June 2008, the golfers with real course experience who play no more than twice a year were asked about their reasons for such a low frequency of playing games and 29% of them said that they were not good enough at golf to play on the course. The golfers without real course experience were asked about their reasons for not making their debut on the course and 56% of them also said that they were not good enough at golf to play on the course. This reveals that they want to play on the course, but they don’t have enough confidence in their ability.

As to what they consider most when purchasing golf clubs, they, whether with real course experience or not, named “Easy to swing” first, which accounted for 63% of those with real course experience and 56% of those without. While “Ability to produce great distance” was ranked high by both those with and without real course experience, beginners among those with real course experience and those without real course experience tended to set more store by player friendliness such as “Ease of hitting the ball.”

Bridgestone Sports has developed models even novice lady golfers can swing easily and hit the ball far without difficulty, designing clubs exclusively for ladies to optimize weight, length, head CG position and so forth based on ample swing and impact data obtained from over 10,000 lady golfers.

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