Press Release
Tokyo, Japan, December, 2008
Power to Realize. Golf gear realizing your dream
The “New TOURSTAGE XEmakes its debut
“TOURSTAGEE which was released in 1998 as a “tournament model brand integrating top prosEsenses and Bridgestone’s advanced technologyE has achieved 107 wins with clubs and 219 wins with balls (as of September 22) in the tours. During the decade since its debut, it has produced many hit models, winning the trust of top pros and registering many wins in the tours. In the meantime, the 10 year history of the “TOURSTAGEEoverlaps with that of drastic golf gear changes / evolution. Over the last decade, drivers with rapidly increasing head volume, striving for a high repulsion effect, have achieved dramatically improved distance performance. On the other hand, there have been countermeasures such as efforts to regulate head volume and COR, ever increasing yardage and tougher course setting observed in the tournaments, which has obliged us to revise the direction of our club evolution. Urethane solid balls have become the mainstream choice and significant advancements have been made in golf club technology, including driver distance improvement, with low spin and spin performance improvement for approach shots.

Under these circumstances, we have reviewed our product lineups according to a new product development concept: the “New TOURSTAGEEwill realize golfersEdreams (Power to Realize). Utilizing Bridgestone’s unique, cutting-edge technologies developed in previous club development efforts, we will offer products that can help a wide range of golfers, pros and amateurs alike, realize their dreams in their respective capacities. The “New TOURSTAGE XEwill be initially launched as a full lineup of the newest gears to realize golfersEdreams, comprising four models of drivers, two models of fairway woods, two models of utilities, five models of irons and four models of wedges that can provide more consistent trajectories in addition to superior distance performance and the three models of balls that offer further improved distance performance and controllability. In addition, we will entirely promote the “New TOURSTAGE XEby including caddy bags, shoes, gloves and other accessories in our lineup.

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