Press Release
Tokyo, Japan, December, 2008
Power to Realize.Realizing shots as imaged
Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd. will release in succession five “New X-BLADEEiron models evolving from the “X-BLADEEas the “New TOURSTAGE XEirons.
The lineup of the TOURSTAGE “New X-BLADEEwill consist of five models: sharp muscle back “X-BLADE 901E(limited model), half cavity “X-BLADE 701Eoffering uncompromising impact feeling and controllability, pocket cavity “X-BLADE 701GEachieving both controllability and consistency, mid-over size cavity “X-BLADE GR C-1Eachieving both appealing impact feeling and distance, and mid-over size pocket cavity “X-BLADE GR P-1Eproducing consistently high trajectory shots for great distance. With these models, we will help the player realize shots as imaged by introducing cutting-edge club design theories and technologies.

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