Press Release
Tokyo, Japan, December, 2008
Power to Realize.Realizing considerable drive as desired
Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd. will release four models of the “New TOURSTAGE XEdriver in succession.
The lineup of the TOURSTAGE “New X-DRIVEEwill consist of four models: “X-DRIVE 901E(limited model) for hitting far with consistent power fades, “X-DRIVE 701Efor hitting far with intentional fades and draws, “X-DRIVE 701GEfor hitting far with high-trajectory straight shots and “X-DRIVE GREfor hitting far with power draws automatically. Equipped with “New relativity theory X for greater distance,Ethey will realize considerable drive as desired.

New relativity theory X for greater distance.

Gravity control, Action stability, Sensitivity progress. The idea of “New relativity theory X for greater distanceEis to relatively control and optimize factors governing performance required of a driver.
The “New X-DRIVEEhas succeeded in achieving an ideal balance thanks to this theory unique to the TOURSTAGE.

Gravity control, Action stability, Sensitivity progress

It adopts a “Strong gravity position designEto set CG projected on the face lower and closer to the face center than the conventional club head designs through three-dimensional CG control. This helps improve the impact efficiency ratio, reduces spin and contributes to distance improvement.* * Compared with our existing model.
With the adoption of a “Multi-strong face,Ea newly designed variable thickness face, it has succeeded in improving initial ball velocity for off-center hits. It further realizes a high launch angle and consistent distance performance with the adoption of the “Rigid sole design.E

Low specific gravity titanium Ti811 is employed for the entire body and face (the X-Drive GR uses 6AL-4V titanium). This allows substantial extra weight distribution to set the CG distance and angle of CG optimally according to the trajectory, controllability and stability sought by a player. As a result, it will achieve the ideal trajectory sought by an individual player by optimizing action stability during a swing and the ability to offer solid response.

How comfortably can one make a shot? To satisfy prosEand skilled golfersEadamant tastes in sensory factors, improvement in impact feeling is pursued thoroughly. With a magnesium hybrid screw combined in the sole, it has succeeded in reducing disagreeable low-pitched elements, while preserving comfortable high-pitched elements, in addition to the suppression of fine vibrations generated upon impact. It offers a comfortable impact feeling and sounds.

Swing orbit stabilization··· SHAFT LINEUP
The “New X-DRIVEEoffers a choice of five types of shafts whose ability to extract the best performance out of the player has been proved on the tours. By selecting the shaft best matching your swing type from the five types differing in their properties, you can stabilize your swing orbit and attain further improvement in distance and directional consistency.

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