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Tokyo, Japan, December, 2008
Power to Realize. Renewed lineup to meet diversifying needs.
Debut of TOURSTAGE “New X-01 SERIESEgolf balls
Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd. releases the “New X-01 SERIESEevolving from its predecessor “TOURSTAGE X-01 SERIESEgolf balls, which have accumulated a number of wins in the tours, being highly trusted by many pros and athlete golfers since its release in 2004 and used extensively on the men’s and ladiesEtours.
With the advancement of golf clubs, the trend of course setting getting tougher year after year, and changes in the playersEminds and tastes, prosEand leading amateur golfersErequirements for balls are also diversifying and becoming more rigorous. In a bid to meet their needs, Bridgestone Sports has reviewed its existing “X-01 SERIESEgolf ball lineup concept from the first and developed three models, “X-01R+,E“X-01G+,Eand “X-01B+,Eas “Balls for VictoryEfrom the outright striving for performance tailored for individual play styles for release under the “New X-01 SERIES.E

The “X-01R+Eand “X-01G+Eare released as the successor models of “X-01R4 for straight flightEand “X-01G4 for controllabilityErespectively and will offer improved distance performance, feeling and spin performance, while maintaining the advantageous features of the former models.

The “X-01B+,Eon the other hand, is a completely new type of golf ball that is enhanced particularly in performance required around the green by delving into approach spin performance and the “feeling of carrying the ball on the club face.E
All of the three models are available in two colors, white and super pearl white, with a design accentuated by a target point on the side face.

Overview of the three “New X-01 SERIESEmodels

·『X-01R+enhanced with distance performance for victory
For golfers seeking greater distance and strong trajectories in the ball.

·『X-01G+enhanced with controllability for victory
For golfers seeking good balance between distance, spin and feeling in the ball for every kind of shot.

·『X-01B+ enhanced with approach spin performance for victory
For golfers seeking spin performance around the green and the feeling of carrying the ball on the club face.

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