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Tokyo, Japan, December, 2008
Equipped with face technology to produce steady rolls
The “TOURSTAGE PUTTEREmakes its debut
Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd. releases the “TOURSTAGE PUTTERE equipped with a face insert made of a novel material developed with Bridgestone’s unique, advanced rubber technology and a face technology producing good forward rolls by decreasing ball backspin.

The lineup will consist of six models, three blade types and three mallet types, employing the “Neo Grid GrooveE(patent pending) to produce smooth forward rolls. Those employing “H.E.A.T. TURBO RUBBEREin the face inserts, a new material showing an edge over urethane, have realized good rolls from a crisp impact, yet still offering a soft feeling.

New material showing an edge over urethane, “H.E.A.T TURBO RUBBERE/b>
”H.E.A.T TURBO RUBBEREis a new material developed by Bridgestone and fully exploiting its unique, advanced rubber technology. It is a resin material showing an edge over “urethaneE and face inserts made of this substance have been highly rated by current tour pros. Further, and most characteristically, it produces good rolls from a crisp impact because it has a repulsion effect superior to that of urethane, despite its soft feeling, thanks to our dual-layer construction, involving the insertion of two types of “H.E.A.T. TURBO RUBBEREwith varying properties into the face.

2. TECHNOLOGY 2 NEO GRID GROOVE * Patent pending
The “Neo Grid GrooveEto produce smooth forward rolls It adopts a H.E.A.T TURBO RUBBER insert, a mild carbon steel solid face and “Neo Grid Grooves.EIt is designed to minimize the contact area between the face and ball with face grooves and milling to help suppress backspin upon impact and give the ball smooth forward rolls. As their good rolls produce extended runs, they will help you put the shot as imaged.

3. TECHNOLOGY 3 Weight Composite
A “Weight compositeEto produce good directional consistency With high specific gravity tungsten weights arranged in the toe and heel areas of the sole, its increased MOI achieves good directional consistency because it prevents the head from being twisted following off-center hits.

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