Press Release
Tokyo, Japan, December, 2008
Power to Realize.2009 Models used by Our Contracted Pros
Debut of the TOURSTAGE “New X CBTX90ECaddy Bag
Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd. releases the “New X CBTX90Ecaddy bag from the TOURSTAGE brand, which will be used by our contracted pros.

The caddy bag emphasizes bulkiness with a molded part suggestive of the sole design of the “X-DRIVE”used on the side. It also adopts a new tread LBS bottom with reduced weight without compromising the stability of the bag. Besides, the new features adopted in this bag include an easy-to-grab original molded handle, a three-point shoulder belt and a hood using a transparent material that makes it easy to check the contents of the bag.

Further, the “New X CBTX93Eto be released on November 12, 2008 as a special spec model limited to 1,000 bags will include embroidered marks of “X-DRIVE,E“X-01Eor “TOURSTAGE X,Eand our contracted male pros will use them in every tournament they enter during the year, starting from the Bridgestone Open (Oct. 23 E26). The bag is supplied with three head covers, one for 1W and two for FW.

【Products Outline】

Part number




synthetic leather x vinyl chloride resin

synthetic leather x vinyl chloride resin


BR (Black/Red), WR (White/Red)

SV (Silver)


Type 10 47 inches 5.7kg

Type 10 47 inches 5.7kg

Release date

December 3, 2008

November 12, 2008

Country of Origin


China (including accessory head covers)

Suggested retail price

No suggested retail price

No suggested retail price