Press Release
Tokyo, Japan, October 10, 2008
Caddy bag with vivid coloring and chic tones
Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd. releases from the TOURSTAGE brand the CBTV87, a caddy bag with vivid coloring that stands out on the green, and the CBTV88, a caddy bag with chic color tones adding a touch of maturity to the golfing scene.

The CBTV87 has a collar with a 7-sectioned club separator to ensure that the club can be extracted smoothly with other wood clubs already in the bag, while it supports the player with its user friendly V-tread bottom, a design offering excellent shock absorption capability.
The CBTV88 also has a collar with a 7-sectioned club separator together with a tread bottom offering good stability when put upright. It is available in four color variations, black based and white based color schemes as well as gold and silver in keeping with the spirit of the Olympic year.

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Code No. CBTV87 CBTV88
Base material Synthetic leather x PVC Synthetic leather x PVC
Color RD (Red), BK (Black), BL (Blue),

WK (Black/White)
BK (Black), WK (Black/White), SV (Silver), GD (Gold)
Size 9 inch Type, 4.5kg 9 inch Type , 4.5kg
Country of origin China China