Press Release
Tokyo, Japan, Feb 28, 2008
~Dedicated design for ladies, offering solid response and high directional consistency.
It makes golf more enjoyable.~
Release of "TOURSAGE New V-iQ CL" utility
Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd. (President Hisashi Kawano) releases from the 2008 ladies' model "TOURSTAGE New V-iQ CL" series, the best selling brand since its launch(in Japan),*1 the "TOURSTAGE New V-iQ CL" utility, which makes it easy to hit long distances even for golfers who find fairway woods and long irons difficult. In addition to the existing lineup comprising U3 through U6, U3+ is released for lady golfers who find wood clubs rather difficult. It allows players to hit as long a distance as with a #5 fairway wood from unkind lies such as the rough, bare ground and fairway sand traps, where duff shots are likely to be hit with a fairway wood.

*1 : According to "Ladies' Driver" market data derived from actual sales records at major golf equipment shops throughout the country from a survey conducted by private research organ "Gfk Marketing Service Japan K.K." (cumulative total sales volume as of Feb. 10, 2008)

"Concept Lady" means

CL=Concept Lady (design for ladies) was launched by Bridgestone Sports in 2003 as a new series. The series was differentiated from other ladies models released theretofore, which really were adaptations arranged from men's models, in that all features including from shape, face plate thickness and weight to CG design were designed exclusively for ladies.
In developing this series, we took advantage of about 10,000 lady golfers' swing data we had collected in our Ladies Golfers' Doc. We thoroughly pursued the club functionality that allowed lady golfers to obtain good distance easily and comfortably with their feminine physical strength. Furthermore, we conducted hearings of many lady golfers to elaborate the design and color scheme of a club and renewed the conventional image of ladies clubs completely. The series did not only give a significant impact on the market but also has led the recent golf boom among ladies.
We aim at achieving the No.1 sales with the 2008 models of the TOURSTAGE New V-iQ CL series again.

Utility club: Club offering advantages of both woods and irons, i.e., the ease of getting the ball airborne characteristic of a wood club and the ease of hitting the ball or swinging the club characteristic of an iron club.

Major features

1. The sweet area is expanded toward the upper toe and lower heel areas. The adoption of "Power Zone TechnologyTM," a design to mitigate for the loss of distance upon an off-center hit.

2. In addition to U3 through U6, U3+ corresponding to a #5 fairway wood is released. You can choose a club with which it is easy to get the ball airborne and earn distance from a plentiful lineup.

3. The head design adopting a relatively long CG distance and large CG angle has improved the ability to offer a solid response.


A choice of blue and pink
They are available in blue (main color) and pink (variation) used in the head and grip. In the sole area, we have arranged crystal stones to add enchanting accents to enjoy their beautiful look for womanly pleasure.

We have adopted a pearl white paint finish, which produces a visual effect to make the shaft look shorter than it actually is and give assurance to the player psychologically.

■  Shaft
Shaft VU-40
Flex L A
Weight 40 45
Torque 4.6 4.4
Kick Point mid

■  Lineup
coler Flex U3+ U3 U4 U5 U6
A Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom
A Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom

■  Specifications
Head  SU S630 stainless steel
Grip  TOURSTAGE original made in Golf Pride
Dual Turbo Rubber Grip(Blue,Pink)

Name U3+ U3 U4 U5 U6
Loft(゜) 19 22 25 28 31
Lie(゜) 60 60.5 61 61.5 62
Face Angle slightly closed
CC 115 112 110 105 105
Lenght 38.5 38 37.5 37 36.5
L 310 315 320 324 329
A Custom
*attached the exclusive head cover(made in china)