Press Release
Tokyo, Japan, Feb 26, 2008
Golf shoes gentle on the feet born from the science of the foot
Release of the "TOURSTAGE V-SPIKE" series
Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd. releases from the "TOURSTAGE" brand the "TOURSTAGE SHV800 (Men's)" and the "TOURSTAGE SHV810 (Ladies')," golf shoes gentle on the feet resulting from the pursuit of the comfort of wearing and walking in them.

A roomy space provided by the toe line affords little stress on the foot, while it permits toes freer movement for maximum support. The arch of the shoe, on the other hand, is designed to hold the foot, as if to wrap the entire sole, to reduce undesirable movement inside the shoe and provide strong support to keep the arch from falling. This will mitigate fatigue in feet that accumulates during long walks and hours of play.

Adopting "Spring rubber," a new material with high shock-absorbing ability and resilience, in the heel area, they support and protect feet from fierce movements. The sole, adopting a new spike sole equipped with "3D spike," grips turf firmly and prevents side slide. They are golf shoes made with novel ideas to be gentle on the feet of every golfer, whether pros or amateurs.

[Product features]
1. A roomy space provided by the toe line
A stress-free round form gentle on the foot, which permits toes freer movement to produce maximum support.

2. The feel of secure hold at the sides and arch.

Comfortable hold, as if to wrap the foot from every direction, reduces undesirable movement inside the shoe, keeps the arch from falling and supports the foot firmly.

3. High shock-absorbing ability and resilience

A new material "Spring rubber" is adopted in the heel area, which supports and protects the foot from fierce movements. ?Compared with the conventional material, about 30% improvement in shock-absorbing ability and resilience (According to our test) .

4. New spike sole

Arranged in the most effective directions, they offer optimum gripping power, anchoring on turf and preventing side slide. To utilize the gripping power of the 3D spike more effectively, screw-like projections are arranged around it.