Press Release
Tokyo, Japan, February 14, 2007
TOURSTAGE V10 wins Nikkei Business Daily Awards for Superiority
In the 2006 Nikkei Superior Products and Services Awards
Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that its "TOURSTAGE V10" has won one of the Nikkei Inc's excellence awards Nikkei Business Daily Awards for Superiority in the 2006 Nikkei Superior Products and Services Awards.

It is the second time, following our "ATLUS" winning the same award in 1982, that such an award has been given to a golf ball and certainly, it marks a new landmark in the history of golf balls. Among numerous golf balls available, only two brands, the ATLUS and the TOURSTAGE V10, have been the winners of this honorable award. Since its release in March 2006, the TOURSTAGE V10 has become number one in sales among the golf ball brands because of its great distance and high approach spin performance winning support from many amateur golfers. (According to Golf Equipment World's ranking by its 2006 fixed shop observation survey)

Since it has made a great advance in terms of performance with the adoption of a soft NeoG core and a newly developed dimple pattern and neared the ideal golf ball that flies farther but stops quickly, it is supported by customers with its performance highly valued, which, we believe, has resulted in this award.
In addition, our TV commercial employing Ai Miyazato, our contracted pro who speaks to golfers in general and says, "Want to hit farther?" in it, has also contributed significantly to this golf brand's publicity due partly to her popularity beyond golf circles as she has become one of the nation's favorite sports stars today.
Bridgestone Sports commits itself to the development of still higher performance golf balls so that it may offer greater joy of golfing to all golfers.

Nikkei Superior Products and Services Awards
Award winning products are selected from the new products and services including software and financial products to say nothing of production goods and consumer goods introduced in four regular Nikkei publications, namely the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Nikkei Business Daily, Nikkei Marketing Journal and Nikkei Financial Daily. Products and services developed and marketed in Japan by an overseas firm or a third sector organization are also eligible, and candidates are nominated from approximately 20,000 items each year and about 50 winners are ultimately selected.