Press Release
Tokyo, Japan, February 8, 2006
~Ever evolving to keep pros' winning streaks~
Release of the New "X-01 series" golf balls
Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd. (president: Hisashi Kawano) releases on February 4, 2006 new models from the TOURSTAGE X-01 series, which has recorded the top sales* for 21 months in a row, winning support from a wide range of golfers including from pros and top athletes.
The X-01H demonstrating incomparably high distance performance, the X-01 realizing both distance and approach spin to stop the ball dead at high levels and the X-01s developed with design emphasis on a soft feeling. In a bid to contribute to every player's another victory, we will renew all three types.
* Monthly Golf Equipment World Magazine's fixed point survey data. As of the Jan. 2006 edition.

New technologies for the "X-01 series"
Neodymium-catalyst BR is adopted in a core to achieve excellent repulsion performance, while a large gradation in hardness from the core center toward the core surface is provided by comparison with the conventional cores. Low spin and low impact recoil are realized with this and further enhanced by a gradation in hardness extended also to the inner cover. The three models from the New "X-01 series" will satisfy all types of players, adopting varying core formulations and cover combinations on the base of innovative technologies.

Product features
1. NewX-01H for high trajectory, powerful shots
It will realize a sharp ball flight with an effective combination of a NeoG core and LG inner cover designed for the improvement of initial ball velocity. The adoption of newly developed 330 dimples further characterizes it as a ball dedicated to distance improvement. It will realize powerful distance performance surpassing that of its predecessor.

2. NewX-01 to realize both distance and approach spin
It will realize a soft impact feeling with an effective combination of a NeoG core and LG inner cover, while maintaining initial ball velocity. Further, the adoption of a soft urethane cover has given it excellent approach spin performance. It will produce a controlled trajectory slightly lower than its predecessor would, while maintaining excellent distance performance, and provide a soft impact feeling and high spin control performance for approach shots.

3. NewX-01s, a soft-feeling ball capable of contributing to pros' victory
It has pursued a soft impact feeling from driver shots to putting by adopting an extremely soft NeoG core.
Further, with the adoption of 330 seamless dimples, it will produce a higher trajectory and longer shot distance than its predecessor would.

Example of pros' use
TOURSTAGE X-01H: Toshimitsu Izawa, Shigeki Maruyama
TOURSTAGE X-01: Kiyoshi Miyazato, Si Miyazato
TOURSTAGE X-01H: Mogi Hiromi

Product information
1. Product name:
2. Release date: February 4, 2006
3. Recommended retail price:
 ¥630 per ball (¥600 excluding tax)
 ¥7,560 per dozen (¥7,200 excluding tax)
  X-01H X-01 X-01s
Structure Urethane cover solid 3 piece
Core NeoG core Soft NeoG core
Inner cover LG ionomer cover High repulsion ionomer cover
Outer cover High spin urethane elastomer thin cover Soft high spin urethane elastomer thin cover
Dimple New high trajectory 330 seamless Medium trajectory 330 seamless