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1972 Bridgestone Spalding Co., Ltd., is established as a sporting goods sales company.
1973 Company began marketing golf products in Japan.
1974 Tennis product line introduced.
1977 Company name changed to Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd.
1981 The millionth golf club manufactured at the Shizuoka Plant.
1982 Export sales initiated.
1984 Tennis wear and other goods marketed under the 'Bridgestone' brand name.
1985 Office established in Georgia to handle North American marketing.
1986 Company's products displayed at the U.S. PGA show.
1988 Bridgestone Golf Plaza opened in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.
1989 Bridgestone Sports (U.S.A.) Inc., Bridgestone Sports Taiwan Co., Ltd., Bridgestone Sports (S.E.A.) Pte, Ltd. and the Sports Division in Bridgestone/Firestone U.K. Ltd. established.
1990 J's Metal wood was released. Bridgestone Sporting Goods Manufacturing in Malaysia and the Merchandise Trading Division in Bridgestone Australia Ltd. established.
1991 Bridgestone Sports Europe GmbH opens in Munich.
1992 Bridgestone Sports celebrates its 20th anniversary. Nick Faldo wins the Open with Precept Tour Double Cover.
1993 Bridgestone Sports organization was strengthened through the integration of the Sports Division of Bridgestone Corporation, which was also previously engaged in R&D and manufacturing of Bridgestone sporting goods products. M&D Center Chichibu opens, linking business systems from R&D through to manufacturing and sales.
1994 Altus Newing Golf Ball released and becomes the best seller in Japan. Nick Price wins the 1994 Open and the U.S. Pro with Precept EV Extra Spin.
1995 Precept EV Extra Spin sells remarkably well in United States.
1996 Nick Faldo wins the Masters with Precept Tour Double Cover. Precept Dynawing released as the world's first wound ball with double covering (four piece). "Bridgestone Sports Online" web site open. Announced new launch of ARCHPOWER golf shoes.
1997 "Access" brand launched as the highest premium quality golf clubs.
1998 "Tour Stage" brand launched targeting the professionals and top amateur athlete golfers.
1999 Bridgestone's contract professional, Naomichi Ozaki wins the 1999 sweepstake.
2000 Tom Watson contractually signed to use Precept balls.
2001 Precept MC Lady booms in United States and becomes No.1 ball on off-course sales in February.
2002 Toshimitsu Izawa and Shigeki Maruyama, Bridgestone contract professionals, win at EMC World Cup.
2003 Total production of solid golf balls exceeds 100 million dozen since launching of ALTUS in 1982.
2004 Bridgestone contract professional, Ai Miyazato becomes the youngest champion in Japan LPGA tour history and the the fastest to win after turning pro.
2005 Ai Miyazato, as a member of Japanese team, becomes the first winner of Women's World Cup of Golf / Introduction of Super Newing iV330 / Established tennis ball manufacturing facility in Thailand / Established golf ball test center in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture.
2006 Bridgestone Corporation, Bridgestone Americas Holding, Inc., Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd., and Bridgestone Golf Inc. jointly become the title sponsor of World Golf Championship - Bridgestone Invitational.
2007 TourStage V10 wins Nikkei Business Daily Awards for Superiority in the 2006 Nikkei Superior Products and Services Awards. First time in 25 years for a win by a golf ball / TourStage golf ball records total 200 wins on Japanese tour (JGTO, JLPGA) and USPGA tour combined.
2008 Introduces TourStage V10 and TourStage V10 Super Vivid featured newly developed WEB dimple. Introduction of vivid color golf ball provides fresh topic to the golf industry.
2009 Tour Stage golf ball marked an outstanding 23 wins in JGTO and JLPGA combined. The arrival of TOURSTAGE X01B and Super Vivid introduced color golf balls to professional tournaments and became a major topic.
2010 A very successful year for Bridgestone contract professionals worldwide: Matt Kuchar (USPGA), Masahiro Kuramoto (JPGA Senior) and Sun-Ju Ahn (JLPGA) wins money titles in respective tours. Ai Miyazato achieves five wins, her highest number of wins in USLPGA. Fred Couples wins Champions Tour Rookie of the Year award and breaks the record for scoring average in a season.
2011 TourStage X golf ball marks 24 wins in Japanese tour to becomes the number one winning ball in Japan. USA-born "BRIDGESTONE GOLF" brand is launched in Japan.
2012 "Bridgestone Golf UK Limited" was established as a sales company in the U.K.
Bridgestone sports Co., Ltd. contract pros earn 29 professional tour wins all over the world*.
* Men's & Women's regular tour and senior tour in Japan, the United States and Europe.
2013 Released "Tourstage X-DRIVE- GR" which was designed jointly by Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd. and Bridgestone Golf USA. Features yellow graphic design.
2014 To deliver the highest golfing experience to each individual golfer, the ”Bridgestone Golf” brand will be fully launched for all items in Japan also.