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Development We challenge the limit of the potential ability of a human body by introducing the very best sporting goods and products. As our main manufacturing and development facility, M&D Center Chichibu conducts many computer simulations and scientific researches in order to analyze human motions under exercise from many angles. Human motions are very complicated. There are still many unknown factors and we often encounter many surprising results. We must keep measuring and analyzing data very carefully and accurately in order to find ideal design and material for our products. We also add human psychological perspective to give our products the truly best performance.

Manufacturing When the design derived from the cutting edge technology is brought to the actual manufacturing process, we believe a combination of high-tech machinery, which can execute a micro-level task, and careful human adjustment by expert engineers is very important. All of our factories are equipped with a state-of-the-art high-tech production line and our expert engineers and craftsmen make a final adjustment. We are proud of the fact that our high quality products are the result of harmony between high-tech machinery and human expertise.